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Lawyer, Shawn Buckley speaks about the states control of our nourishment and access to raw milk in particular. Shawn Buckley is lawyer with expertise in the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations. Mr. Buckley acts primarily for manufacturers of Natural Health Products and has an enviable track record in protecting companies charged by Health Canada.   
Earthworms belong to the soil community. The earth is their home, their source of food which is teeming with microbes. Earthworms are organic gardeners and composters. They break down decomposing organic matter in soil and their castings (worm poop) contain five times the amount of nitrogen, seven times the phosphate and eleven times more potash than the regu- lar compost (sheep, steer, horse manure or house scrap materials) the worm consumed. This is the richest, all-organic plant food on the planet.
Author, Jeffrey Smith, speaking about the dangers and solutions to what industry and government is doing to our food supply and planet and the genetically altered food we are eating. (excerpts - (c)2009 mediareel.net, all rights reserved)

Lawyer Shawn Buckley discusses how inexperienced inspectors can overrule years of experience of trained health professionals. From a continuing series of "Quick Clips" about health choice issues produced by Northcia.media

Master Herbalist, Chad Cornel interviews Lama Karma Tsundulp Lodro (Jefferson Alvin Olson). A mystic, a yogi, and a classically trained non-denominational meditation teacher who enjoys linking esoteric philosophies and modern science.  Lama Lodro’s teaching draws upon extensive meditation work and fourteen years of intensive meditation retreats.  His teaching is seasoned by a sometimes- irreverent sense of humour, a buoyantly practical attitude, and eclectic life experience.
During his years as a Buddhist monk, Lama Lodro lived in Buddhist monasteries in Burma, India, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Sikkim, and Thailand. Lama Lodro was twice ordained in Thailand as a Theravadin Buddhist Bhikkhu (a monk and accredited meditation teacher), and he has received intensive Vajrayana Tantric training as a Meditation Lama in the Kargyu and Sakyapa lineages of...

Dr. Chiv Chopra a name that has become synonymous with food safety. He is a world renowned scientist, author and coveted public speaker. His academic qualifications include a degree in veterinary medicine, a Masters in Science and Ph.D. in microbiology.

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In exclusive interviews with mediareel, lawyer Shawn Buckley discusses how inexperienced inspectors can overrule well trained health professionals and how product testing has been abandoned by the Canadian Government. From a continuing series of "Quick Clips" about health choice issues.

On Wednesday May 19, 2010 Winnipeg Canada City Hall will vote on the mayor's plan to enter our waste water services into a 30 year contract with Veolia.